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QuestionI'm a studio owner and use Pro Tools HD I recently purchased the Waves Mercury Bundle and would like to back everything up on another ilok. It would also be very nice to be able to work from home or on the road without worrying about the possibility of loosing over 12grand in ilok licenses. can you guys work with ilok and if so which product would you suggest. Thanks,
AnswerWe do not duplicate dongles but make software copies so the software works just like original key is attached.

Sentinel emulator

Safe-Net ( Rainbow ) Sentinel SuperPro and UltraPro dongle emulator. 100% rellable solution

HASP emulator

HASP HL and HASP 4 dongle emulator. Constantly improving most reliable code tested by thousands customers.


Bill and SoftKey Solutions have been a godsend to our small company. Having lost our dongle once before and then having to pay full replacement cost for a new one, we were prepared when a second one was misplaced. Bill was extremely professional through the entire process and I would highly recommend him to anybody needing of dongle emulator service in the future!!!
Mark from USA