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What is the right spelling for HASP dongle vednor : Aladdin, Alladin, Alladdin or Aladin?

What is the right name for Rainbow dongle : Sentinel, Santinel or Sentinel?

Is it possible to emulate two or more dongles simultaneously

My dongle is lost and software vendor want me to pay for another copy? Is there anything else to do?

Where can I download Aladdin dongle drivers

Why do I get "Dongle Not Found" Message?

I have a Philips Freevent computer WEPC 7511 with a wireless keyboard and mouse. If I loose or damage the dongle where do I get a replcement?

We have a vinyl machine and the dongle was stolen, now we are in severe need of a dongle for the machine, we have 2 machines but we have a lot of projects that involve Banners, signs and thermo-film. It is now a severe situation to pick and choose jobs we can do, we really need a phone number to speak to you guys personally. This would really be great. Please respond.

I have an old Cplus B dongle that I would like to emulate. I can use it with the software on my laptop but the dumper program cannot find the key. Ihave dloaded the latest sentinel driver from your site but the key still cannot be found by the dumper program. It shows version 7.04 rev 2, os 5 in the dumper window while trying the advanced search.

How quickly can you contact me about making a dongle for my software? it's a Sentinel SuperPro.

I have a Sentinel SuperPro parallel port dongle. My new computer does not have a parallel port connection. Is it possible to convert it to USB?

I have some software protected by a Sentinel SuperPro dongle on my desktop and I now want to run the software on my laptop. The laptop can not use a dongle because there is no LPT1 parallel port. Can you emulate the dongle from the desktop so I can run the software on the laptop without a dongle or LPT1 port.

I have a rainbow superpro on my sign wizard and I called to get a nother one and they a tring to steal me blind.Can I go around it because I already paid $2,500. for the first one.

Hi I have SentEmul2008, is it possible to activate this program from a Dos command similar to the HASP emulator to start and stop the service? Thanks.

I'm a studio owner and use Pro Tools HD I recently purchased the Waves Mercury Bundle and would like to back everything up on another ilok. It would also be very nice to be able to work from home or on the road without worrying about the possibility of loosing over 12grand in ilok licenses. can you guys work with ilok and if so which product would you suggest. Thanks,

Are there drivers for vista available?

Can you emulate in Linux?

We are in need of a replacement in case our original fails. It is from on old Cado Contel Tiger CPS Dos system. The info on it is: Grainbow Centinel Pro CPS NU-30679. Can this be duplicated or are they any old working ones available?

I wonder if you can help. My son and daughter in law have had 2 laptops and a camera stolen from their office. This stuff can be replaced, but my daughter in law is really upset 'cos the dongle for her embroidery/sewing machine was still attached to her laptop. 1. What can you do to help? 2. What info would you need?

How much does it cost to purchase dongle emulator??

I ran hasp emulator software and it does not not let me dump the dongle file. The dump function is grayed out. What do I need to do to Dump the file

I am using a Software Canopus Edius 4.5 created & marketed in India by AVCS New Delhi ( The Software is bundled with Safe Net Sentinel Hard Key or Ultra Key. My dongle is lost & the provider is asking the same cost as I have invested first time. Please help me to reinvest the same cost. I have another same software & dongle on my second system. Is it posible to use same dongle on two different system.

I own an Avid Media Composer and it uses a USB dongle. I run the software on a MacBook Pro. My questions is if your company makes dongle emulation software for Mac products running on OS 10.4 or 10.5? There are other pieces of software that I own that use dongles as well, but they are all Mac based.

Is it possible to emulate two or more dongles simultaneously how do o do to load the dng files in sentemul 2007

My friend died and I bought her embroidery/sewing machine but the dongle is gone the machine is not made any longer and they do not make the dongles and I cannot order one. The machine is a viking. Can you help me?

How do you safely remove a dongle?

Sentinel emulator

Safe-Net ( Rainbow ) Sentinel SuperPro and UltraPro dongle emulator. 100% rellable solution

HASP emulator

HASP HL and HASP 4 dongle emulator. Constantly improving most reliable code tested by thousands customers.


To Bill and staff, Thank you very much for fantastic software and service. You have saved us thousands of dollars in insurance costs, now that we dont have to take our dongles out of the office.
Nick from Australia