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Dongle Emulator, Backup and Recovery

Emulation Tab

"Start Service" button starts HASP Dongle emulator/dumper driver; It is necessary to have it started whether you want to read your key or emulate your dongle with virtual dongle image file.

"Stop Service" button, stops dongle emulator driver. You can use it in case you want to work with your original key for example.

"Update" button allows resetting some system related options.

"Lock License" button is used for control over the distribution. If you don't want emulator to be copied to any other computer, you should install it from removable media like flash or delete virtual dongle image file that has .DNG extension after the installation. When service is started and .DNG file is loaded you should press "Lock License" button and license disappears. Then it will be impossible to copy emulator to different computer.

"License" window contains your license. You could enter new license code here and press "Update license" button but usually it is not required since .DNG file already contains License information.

"Licensed dongles" window contains information about ID of licensed keys. Those IDs are different from passwords you saw while dumping your hardware lock.

"Computer ID" - ID of your computer. Computer ID is required for control over the distribution using "Lock license" option.

"Load button" - opens up a dialog for virtual dongle image file selection. When dongle emulator is started please select appropriate .DNG file and all necessary data will be loaded. If you need to emulate number of dongles you should load all of those files one by one.

"Clean storage" button cleans internal data storage. It is designed to keep system clean and delete your virtual dongle image from emulator memory. You should use this button when you want to turn your emulator into the dumper.

Another purpose, for example, when you are switching between virtual dongle images for one software, you should use this button before loading new dongle configuration.

Driver tab

When HASPHL2010 driver is not installed, you initially see this tab. When driver is installed, HASPHL2010 opens up in "Emulator" tab.

"Install driver" button installs driver within your system.

"Reinstall driver" button replace just a driver fiel within your system folder in case you upgrade emulator to the latest version. When driver files is replaced it is required to "Stop" and "Start" service to work with updated version.

"Uninstall driver" button uninstalls driver from your system. When it is pressed it is highly recommended to reboot the computer.

Driver startup options.

If you want HASP HL Dongle emulator driver was loaded automatically please Select Automatic start option and press "Save state" button, if you want to load driver manually, select "Manual start" and also press" Save state" button.

Dumper tab

Dumper requires HASP HL Dongle emulator drive to be started.

When emulator is started dumper captures all necessary information for dongle reading. When passwords appear in HASP/HL Dongles window it means you're ready to press "Dump" button to get your dump files.

When you press "Dump" button files containing all necessary data stored in the same folder with HASPHL2010.exe. That's why it is very important to unpack HASPHL2010 instead of launching it directly from ZIP. In that case dump files will be written to temporary folders and it will be almost impossible to find them.

Manual dumper allows to enter your dongle password and dump it. Passwords are written in a hexadecimal form. If your HASP password is 51FE:87CA please enter 51FE87CA. For Hardlock dongles enter 612F password for example.

Sentinel emulator

Safe-Net ( Rainbow ) Sentinel SuperPro and UltraPro dongle emulator. 100% rellable solution

HASP emulator

HASP HL and HASP 4 dongle emulator. Constantly improving most reliable code tested by thousands customers.


We lost contacts with our software developers due to the war in caucasus and could not operate our software due to lack of key. Bill made a great job despite technical difficulties. we are fully satisfied, great service and prompt communications
Mauro from Italy